Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing: Featuring Nicki Christensen and Jackson Dean

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing which one is better?

In this third part of a 4-part series, Jackson and Nicki shared their ideas on the cost of digital marketing versus traditional marketing. They also discussed which among the two is a better way to market a business.

Jackson and Nicki also talked about people’s experience with marketing strategies and why it is important to spend more money for your business. In addition, they also discussed the difference between paid and organic search marketing.

Topics Discussed in Podcast Episode 30:

  • Why Jackson love results rather than SEO
  • The cost of digital versus traditional marketing
  • The importance of business owners having a better sense of value
  • People’s experience with marketing strategy
  • Why business owners need to spend more money on their business
  • People bid social growth media’s keyword
  • Paid and organic search marketing


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