Episode 35: The Future of Blockchain Technology

Episode 35: The Future of Blockchain Technology with Joseph Snyder and Chris Brown of Lannister Holdings

In this episode, Jackson talked to CEO Joseph Snyder and CTO Chris Brown from Lannister Holdings, a publicly traded, revolutionary blockchain development company based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Joseph is a serial entrepreneur for over 15 years. He started his career in real estate then began working in risk management where he built an industry in 32 states that served thousands of clients.

Chris has 14 years of experience in the IT industry. His background is in Air Force Intelligence. He has B.S. degrees in Computational Mathematics and Biochemistry from Arizona State University. He’s been engrossed in the connection between real world business applications, artificial intelligence, blockchain smart contracts, and code.

They shared a lot of information about what they are doing in blockchain, IOT, and artificial intelligence. They also talked about the progress they are making.

Topics Discussed:

  • How they started Lannister Holdings
  • What Lannister Holdings does
  • Educating youth and executives on how technologies work
  • The biggest challenges they have faced
  • The importance of scalability
  • What a “blue ocean” in business is
  • What a “red ocean” in business is
  • Joseph’s comment on the actual blockchain regulation
  • The difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • The psychology of the market right now
  • How they differentiate themselves from everyone else who jumped into the blockchain bandwagon
  • How transaction works using blockchain technologies
  • The right time to start using web 3.0
  • Skills they are looking for when building a high quality team
  • The challenges they encountered while working on building culture and remote work organization
  • Practical tips for business owners running virtual teams


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