How to do Securing Funding: Podcast with Kimberly Teo

Securing funding for Neighbour Flavour with Kimberly Teo: Podcast

Last week, Jackson talked to Adrian Osman, the co-founder and CEO of In this episode, he talked to the co-founder and in-charge of ventures at, Kimberly Teo.

Kim shared her experience securing funding for Neighbour Flavour and how emotional intelligence helps her make sound decisions. In addition, she also shared her suggestions and tips when it comes to raising money.

Podcast Episode 33 Topics Discussed:

  • How she secured funding for Neighbour Flavour
  • The reason she turned down the money for Neighbour Flavour
  • The difference between Neighbour Flavour and Youfoodz
  • The value proposition for home-cooked food
  • How she uses emotional intelligence in her career
  • Her main role at Pitchblak and how it helps her with the advisory she has been doing
  • The importance of learning and trusting your guts
  • The main areas she and Pitchblak are focusing on
  • Books she recommends
  • Her suggestion when it comes to raising money


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