How to Make a Speech More Interesting: Nicki Christensen & Jackson Dean

Ways to make your public speaking more attractive: Podcast

In this last part of a 4-part series, we have an interesting and unique episode with Nicki Christensen. You’ll be hearing Nicki’s first run through of the 15-minute speech he’ll deliver in front of 1, 800 people in South Africa. You’ll also hear Jackson’s comments and his tips on how to make the speech more interesting. Don’t miss this episode!

Topics Discussed in Podcast Episode 31:

  • Nicki’s 15-minute speech
    • Why are you listening to this podcast?
    • What tsunami means
    • What tsunami means for him
    • What happened to his business when the Brisbane flood occurred
    • His first key takeaway: Innovation not desperation
    • His second key takeaway: Don’t get caught in the trap of being scared of making a decision
    • What are you going to do when your tsunami comes?
  • Jackson’s comments on Nicki’s speech
  • How Jackson makes a speech more interesting
  • On watching your life disappear in front of your eyes


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