Podcast: How to Easily Build a Website Using a House Analogy?

How to build a search optimised website Easily? – With Nicki Christensen

In this second part of 4-part series, Jackson teaches us how to build a website using a house analogy. You’ll also learn about the people you should hire, the costs involved, and the plans and strategies you can apply. In addition, they also discussed the role of SEO in websites.

Topics Discussed in Podcast Episode 29:

  • Building a website using a house analogy
  • The people behind building a website
  • Steps in building a website
  • The importance of using a plan and strategy when building a website
  • The role of SEO
  • The cost of building a website
  • The importance of using a domain name as your email
  • Allowing yourself to spend the money where it is needed
  • On building e-commerce
  • Different template builders
  • Optimising website to mobile device
  • What a Wix website is
  • The things Jackson learned about the Wix website
  • The advancement of Google


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