Tactical Hacks for Raising Capital: Listen Podcast with Adrian Osman

What are the ways of raising capital?: Podcast

In this episode, Jackson interviewed Adrian Osman, the co-founder and CEO of Pitchblak. Pitchblak is an Australian company that helps entrepreneurs navigate the first 12-18 months of their journey.

Adrian also shared what Pitchblak does, its journey, as well as some tips and tactical hacks for raising capital. In addition, he also discussed how Pitchblak works with entrepreneurs and what SAFE model equity is. This is one very informative episode so don’t miss it!

Topics Discussed in Podcast Episode 32:

  • What Pitchblak does
  • How Adrian started the business
  • The importance of validating ideas before creating a product
  • Getting investment for new business ventures
  • Pitchblak’s journey
  • On building an epic team
  • His business before Pitchblak
  • Tips and hacks for entrepreneurs trying to raise capital
  • The three Ps
  • Adrian’s advice for entrepreneurs
  • How Pitchblak works with entrepreneurs
  • What SAFE is


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