Here you will find the answers to our most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to click here and contact us directly if you have any other concerns or questions we have not covered here.

Do you offer FREE no Obligation Quotes?

Yes! At Fix A Tile, we offer free no obligation quotations. We have a dedicated estimator and for smaller works we are able to prove a quote over the phone.

With larger jobs we start by coming to your location to discuss what your project is and the budget you have in mind. We will then measure and price the work, and provide you with a quotation for the works to be carried out.

Fix A Tile can provide help when choosing the right tiles and advise on sizes for the area you are planning to tile.

For an Obligation free quote call us on 07 5564 9229.

It is a fixed price quote once you've measured the job or is the cost subject to change?

The detailed quote will explain what works is planned how much it will cost and an estimate of how long it will take to competed. We can however only quote on what we know about at the time and the information given to us. Should we be repairing things like leaking showers any subsurface damage found during the tile removal process including water damage will need to be discussed and might impact the quote.


For smaller works, such as one cracked tile or re-grouting, our team are able to provide an estimate based on previous experience. Due to the nature of work being carried out and many variables with tiling, these works are usually completed on an hourly rate and when onsite the tiler will be able to confirm the costs before proceeding.

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How much does the average tiling job cost?

Every tiling job is different so there is no average cost. Please contact us for a free quote, and we will happily measure your job and provide a free quote and get a clear indication of the style you are hoping to achieve.


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Can I tile over the top of current tiles or wooden floors?

The short answer is Yes, however when tiling over the top of a surface we first need to ensure the surface below is structural and solid. If you proceed to tile over the top of tiles that are already “dummy” or hollow the investment you put into your new floor won’t last long. We always recommend using an experienced and licensed tiller to asses the area first and ensure that the work carried out will remain perfect for years to come.

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Why don't you use waterproofing over the top of tiles?

Fix A Tile have been repairing leaking showers for over 15 years. We have found the best and only course of action when repairing a waterproofing issues is to remove the existing tiles and old screeding and waterproofing.

From here we are able to asses and repair any wall or floor damage to ensure the shower is structurally sound for years to come and any water that has become trapped has dried out.

Fix A Tile do not believe that applying a coating over the top of existing tiles eliminates the initial waterproofing breech and due to movement within homes this technique over time will crack allowing water to ingress and the original issue to reappear costing home owners more in the long run.

For more information check out our Leaking shower process below

Click here to see our Leaking Shower Process

Are your staff Qualified?

Fix A Tile are committed to ensuring all our staff are licensed, qualified and experienced in their trade. We ensure all staff are police checked for your peace of mine and we are fully ensured along with being members of the QBCC and BSA.

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How many tiles will I need?

When purchasing your new tiles, always allow  at least 10% for wastage  where the tiller needs to cut a tile to fit into smaller areas etc. We always recommend having a few extras onsite incase of damage in the future as finding a match for tiles later on can be a difficult and often fruitless process. At Fix A Tile, our experienced staff will provide you with full details on exactly how much you will need based on the work to be performed.

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What is the best kind of tile?

Porcelain tiles tend to be more expensive than ceramic tiles, but have the advantage of being water-resistant. Therefore they are more suitable for wet areas like bathrooms and showers. The quality of porcelain tiles when installed by an experienced and capable craftsman, is usually worth the extra expense.

Ceramic tiles are more porous than porcelain tiles and absorb water, but nevertheless are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Terracotta tiles are usually laid outside on patio and balcony areas and are harder wearing tiles.

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