Cracked/Broken Tile Repairs

Broken and cracked tiles, while unsightly can also be a hazard as sharp or loose bits of the tile can cut feet.

Our qualified technicians at Fix A Tile can easily and effectively remove cracked or broken tiles on any tiled surface that may have been damaged by heavy furniture or slight structural movement in your home.

At Fix A Tile, we are experts in removing tiles without any damage to surrounding tiles and colour matching grouts to your existing floor or wall tiling.

From the smallest job to large scale sections Fix A Tile can provide you with solutions and detailed advise to ensure the most cost effective removal and replacements, giving you peace of mind and saving thousands in retiling whole areas.

Got just a hairline crack in a tile? Why not check out our chip replacement service HERE

Cracked Drummy Tile
Cracked/Broken Tiles
Cracked Tile