Silicone Seal Replacement

One of the worst offenders with silicone is in the bathroom, it’s a wet environment where mould and mildew love to thrive. This can often leave your bathroom looking dirty no matter how much you scrub and clean.

Bleach is a popular product which most people choose to use for cleaning bathrooms, however bleach can in the short term brighten the area, however it wont actually kill mould.

Add to this bleach properties also break down silicone and we have a disaster waiting to happen!

Fix A Tile’s team of expert technicians can remove old silicone from shower bases and walls, around kitchen sinks and appliances, laundry areas, splashback and kicks and also pool areas effectively without harming your other surfaces.

A fresh application of silicone can be installed, giving a quick facelift to any area, while our specially trained technicians can provide the best information on keeping silicone clean without using harsh chemicals.

By installing expansion joints outside your home and pool area, Fix A Tile can efficiently help eliminate issues such as drummy/cracked or tenting by providing a flexible joint to allow surfaces to expand and contract without breaking tiles in the process.

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