Chipped Tiles

An unsightly issue, chipped tiles are caused by damage from furniture and large heavy items dropped onto tile surfaces.

Chipped tile edges are hazardous and chipped tiles in your rental property need immediate attention.

Until now the only solution was to remove chipped tiles, which is a difficult process, especially when trying to match older tiles.

Fix A Tile have created a unique, custom chip repair kit, which is a practical & an effective way to repair chips & small hairline cracks in tiles.

A time and money saving solution for Chipped tiles and hairline cracked tiles giving immediate results.

Our chip kit is ideal for all Ceramic, porcelain, terracotta and stone tiles both inside and out.

Using our artistic skills & colour matching expertise our technician can colour match to almost any tile colour.

Giving a high quality finish, our chipped tile kit provides a durable and long living solution.

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Chipped Tile Kit