Leaking Showers

Unfortunately the first sign of a leaking shower comes long after the start of the leak.

Every time you take a shower small amounts of water penetrate through grout, or areas where there is missing silicone and via cracked/broken tiles, leeching into the screed below.

When all if fine and your waterproofing membrane remains in tact, your shower may just need some maintenance to the grouting and silicone to ensure tiles remain in place and the over all look of your shower is at its best.

However, a common problem amongst our Queensland homes is the slight movement from shifting terrain and our extreme climate conditions. This can cause cracking of waterproofing membranes underneath your shower, allowing water and moisture to gather and move towards to lowest point.

If a client has a shower sitting on a concrete slab they may notice wall damage, loose tiles or water running out towards hallways and carpeted areas.

Damage to shower

For those who have showers in an upstairs location signs of damage could be small water spots on the ceiling, wall damage or the smell of rotting timber, these are all very serious signs that something is wrong.

Never assume your shower will be fine, it’s always best to check with a qualified technician. Missing grout and silicone doesn’t always mean your shower is leaking and things like loose plumbing fittings can be easily rectified.

While keeping up maintenance on your shower is essential to the integrity of your shower, never just assume your shower is fine, having our professional fully licensed team assess your shower can save you thousands of dollars and give you long term peace of mind knowing your investment or family home is in tip top condition.

There are many different companies offering solutions to “fix” your waterproofing without the need to remove tiles. While this may seam like a great idea and cost may be cheaper, this has not rectified the actual cause of the issue.

Trapped water can create mold to grow, timber beams to start rotting and the moisture can end up inviting termites into your home, creating a much larger problem than you initially had, not to mention voiding house insurance and the added problem of failing building and pest inspections should you wish to sell the house in the future.

At Fix A Tile we believe the BEST and only solution for any leaking shower is to always remove the tiles and old bedding to assess the structural damage to the area. Any damage should always be repaired and rectified by licensed tradesman to ensure your home is covered by your insurance and the work carried out is to the highest standards.

Once any damage has been fixed, Fix A Tile waterproof the area twice before

re-screeding and ensuring that the screed falls provide a perfect pathway for water to drain.

Rebuilding Shower
Completed Leaking Shower

Going one step further Fix A Tile ALWAYS add a third layer of waterproofing over the top of the screed and right down into the newly installed waste.

Unheard of in the industry this practice ensures that no matter what water comes through via porous grout or damaged tiles/silicone, water will only be able to flow right to the drain and can not penetrate into the screed.

Providing satisfaction knowing we have you covered, the added benefit of this exclusive practice is, that while concrete can often causing leeching stains, the extra waterproofing layer will prevent any occurrence of this condition keeping your grout looking amazingly fresh for many years to come.

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